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Creating a ShoutWiki account is simple, easy and free. It also offers a lot of additional features that are available only to registered users.

What features are available to registered users?

  • A username of your choice - it's much easier to remember the name "Peter" than the IP address
  • Your very own userpage
  • Ability to change the display language from the site's default
  • Personal watchlist - track changes of your favorite articles
  • Single sign-on to all public wikis
  • Ability to upload media onto the wiki
  • User subpages
  • Ability to customize the appearance of the site - you can change background color, text color and such things with CSS
  • Many different skins (layouts/themes) to choose from
  • An account hides your IP address from other users of the wiki

How can I get started?

Just click this link, fill out the form and submit it!

Your account will be created immediately, no further confirmations needed!