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CSS, short for Cascading Style Sheets, is a language that allows its users to choose how a page looks (such as link colors, background color, text size, etc). ShoutWiki's wikis have some MediaWiki pages for defining CSS.

Where do the styles come from?

Site-wide stylesheets
MediaWiki:Global.css - global CSS that is loaded for all ShoutWiki wikis on all skins.
MediaWiki:Common.css - wiki-specific CSS that is loaded for all skins.
MediaWiki:Skinname.css - CSS for a specific skin installed on the Wiki (verifiable through Special:Version). An example would be Vector, which can be styled through MediaWiki:Vector.css.
MediaWiki:Print.css - This stylesheet is used to help create print-friendly wiki webpages.
MediaWiki:Noscript.css - This stylesheet will load for users viewing the wiki that have disabled JavaScript.
MediaWiki:Group-groupname.css - This CSS will load for a specific user group. For example, custom CSS for admins can be found at MediaWiki:Group-sysop.css.
MediaWiki:Filepage.css - This stylesheet will load CSS on file descriptions on pages in the File namespace.
Personal stylesheets
User:Username/global.css - This is your global stylesheet where you can apply CSS to all skins on every existing ShoutWiki.
user:Username/common.css - This is your stylesheet which you can apply CSS to all skins on a particular wiki, such as the Harry Potter Wiki.
User:Username/skinname.css - This is your stylesheet which you can customize for each specific skin.