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To upload media to your wiki, click on the Upload file link on the sidebar. Then click Browse..., choose the file from your computer, enter a basic description of the file and choose the correct license. After you've done these steps, click on the Upload file button.

Allowed file types

By default, you can upload png, gif, jpg, jpeg, ico, mp3 and svg files. If you need to upload files with a different file extension, please contact the ShoutWiki Staff.

Prohibited file types

The following file types will never be allowed as uploads: html, htm, js, jsb, mhtml, mht, xhtml, xht, php, phtml, php3, php4, php5, phps, shtml, jhtml, pl, py, cgi, exe, scr, dll, msi, vbs, bat, com, pif, cmd, vxd and cpl. They will not be allowed because they can contain malicious code which can damage users' computers. These are on the filetype blacklist by default, as set in DefaultSettings.php.

Uploading multiple files

You can upload multiple files into your wiki through Special:MultipleUpload. By default, users can upload from 1 to 10 files at once through the form.

How do I increase the max limit of uploads?
Contact ShoutWiki Staff to get the limit increased. You can use Special:Contact or email at to get in touch with us.
I don't like the "Upload multiple files" link at the toolbox. Can I turn it off?
You can hide "Upload multiple files" link at the toolbox by adding the following into your wiki's MediaWiki:Common.css:
#p-tb li#t-multiupload {
	display: none;