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InputBoxes are elements that let you create a custom text field to perform certain actions, such as creating a page or finding a page on a wiki. They're enabled on every wiki in ShoutWiki, so you don't have to worry about it not working. Below is some documentation to help you create text fields.

Types of boxes

Type of box Output What does it do?

This lets you create a page on a wiki.

This lets you add a section to a page.

Let's you find information on a wiki with two options of searching:
  • Try exact match - This will attempt to return a result that is exactly what you typed.
  • Search full text - This will attempt to return the most relevant results on a wiki.
Similar to the search, except the button is forced to the right. If it's container width isn't as wide as the input box, then the search button will flow to the bottom right of the text field.
This is a textbox that is similar to search, except it only has the fulll text function.

This lets you relocate and/or rename the title of a page.


Attribute What is it?
bgcolor This lets you customize the outside background color of the inputbox.
width This adjusts the width of the text field (however, it doesn't adjust the width of the button).
default This gives some default text that'll be shown in the inputbox.
preload Whichever page that's entered for this value will be shown in the editor, to give you a basic foundation for creating a new and perhaps similar page.
editintro Whichever page is given as the value, will show up above the edit form after pressing the button.
buttonlabel This lets you customize what the primary button says.
hidden This lets you hide you the input box if you put "yes" as the value.
searchbuttonlabel This lets you customize the text of the button that says "Search full text".
break If you put yes as the value, it'll put the button and the text box on separate lines.
namespaces This lets you customize what namespaces you want to search through.
prefix This lets you search for pages beginning with a certain string.
placeholder This lets you customize what the inputbox text says if there's nothing inside.