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Email notifications allows users who have provided an email address to receive email notifications when their user talk page is changed.

Can I turn this off?

Yes, this can be turned off in your preferences.

Can I get notifications for other pages?

Yes, also in your preferences you can enable email notifications for edits to pages on your watchlist.

Will I get emails for every edit?

No - once you get a notification for a page you will not receive another until you have visited the page. Naturally, you will not be notified for edits you make yourself.

Also, if you don't select the option in your preferences you will not receive notifications for minor edits.

Can I customize the email's appearance?

Admins can alter the layout of the email by editing MediaWiki:Enotif body. If you decide to edit it, keep in mind the following variables:

Variable Meaning
$WATCHINGUSERNAME Name of the user receiving the email
$PAGEINTRO Introduction based on the type of change. Editable through the enotif body intro MediaWiki messages.
$PAGESUMMARY The edit summary of the change
$PAGEMINOREDIT If the edit was minor or not
$PAGEEDITOR_EMAIL URL to the editor's Special:EmailUser page
$PAGEEDITOR_WIKI URL to the editor's user page
$UNWATCHURL URL to unwatch the page in question