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System messages allow admins to customize the look of the wiki. A list of all existing system messages can be found at Special:AllMessages. Only administrators (and ShoutWiki Staff) can edit system messages; they're protected by default, so you don't need to worry about anonymous or registered users vandalizing your wiki's interface.

This page explains details about the most important system messages and is not meant to be a complete guide to all system messages that exist.

Look of the wiki

  • MediaWiki:Common.css — the CSS page that is being loaded for all skins. See Help:CSS for more info.
  • MediaWiki:Common.js — the JS page that is being loaded for all skins. See Help:JavaScript for more info.
  • MediaWiki:Sidebar — the sidebar for most skins. See Help:Sidebar for more info.
  • MediaWiki:Pagetitle — the title of all pages. By default, it is "$1 - {{SITENAME}}", where $1 is the title of the current page. You can edit it to add a short description of the wiki, e.g. "$1 - {{SITENAME}}, the foobar wiki" or such.
  • MediaWiki:Mainpage — the title of the wiki's main page. By clicking the logo image, you will go into whatever page is defined in MediaWiki:Mainpage.


See also: Help:Site notice

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