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There are several different kinds of random content that can be displayed on your wiki with the use of different MediaWiki extensions.

What kind of random content would you like to display?

  • Text — for displaying random text content, you can use the <choose> and <option> tags.
    Take the following code for example:

    The above code would display either "Red", "Blue" or "Green", depending on the odds. Certain options can be shown more often than others by adding the "weight" attribute to the option tag. Please see the extension's manual for more information on this.
  • Images — randomly chosen images can be displayed using the RandomImage extension, which is not normally active by default on new wikis. If you would like this extension, please request it by contacting the Customer Support Team.
    • Random images from a given category or given categories can be displayed using the <randomimagebycategory> tag, which also is not normally active but can be activated upon request. Using this tag is as simple as the following: <randomimagebycategory width="200" categories="Featured Images,Public domain images"/>