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Viewing notifications in the popup menu

Notifications help let you know what's going on in the wiki that affect you, by sending you updates through the Echo extension. When someone sends you a new message on your talk page or thanks you for your edit for example, you'll see a notification which you can view by clicking the icon that has a small badge and a number. This number you see represents how many new notifications you've received.

You can view notifications by either using the popup menu, or going directly to Special:Notifications. This special page lets you see much more and provides wider control.

These notifications can also be sent to two places, which is by email and/or on web. For example, you may want to only have some updates be sent through the web interface for things that are lower-priority, and higher-priority updates through email. They can also be sent to both.

By default, you'll be sent notifications from other wikis. For example, if someone posted a new message on at your talk page and you were on another wiki, you'd be still be able to see this update. If you'd like to opt-in in opt-out for certain notifications and control how they're sent, you can do so by going to your preferences.