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This is a ShoutWiki help page, hosted at ShoutWiki Hub. If you want to suggest changes, leave a message on its talk page. If you want to replace this page with a custom help page for your wiki, click the create button above.

Type Input Output Notes
Internal link (inside wiki)

[[Main Page]]

[[Main Page]]s

[[Main Page|ShoutWiki's Main Page]]

[[Help:Logging in|]]


[[/subpage (and has parenthesis)|]]

[[Help:Formatting#How to create headings]]



Main Page

Main Pages

ShoutWiki's Main Page

Logging in



Help:Formatting#How to create headings



Links to the Help:Links/subpage page.

Links to the "How to create headings" on Help:Formatting

External link (outside wiki)


[ Wikipedia]



Crosswiki (ShoutWiki and other)
Works on any ShoutWiki-hosted wiki

[[s:Main Page|ShoutWiki's main page]]

[[s:w:darth:Main Page|Darthipedia's main page]]

[[s:|ShoutWiki Hub]]


[[:fi:Etusivu|The Finnish Hub's Main Page]]

ShoutWiki's main page

Darthipedia's main page

ShoutWiki Hub


The Finnish Hub's Main Page

All these links work on any ShoutWiki-hosted wikis. To link to the Hub,
use only the prefix s:, and for other wikis, the prefix s:w:wiki.

You can also link to a sister language site of your wiki using [[:languageprefix:pagename|...]],
assuming the interlanguage links are working.

A full list of crosswiki link prefixes are available at Special:Interwiki.
Other links


[ Send mail]


[irc:// ShoutWiki]


Send mail



Email links

IRC links