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Where enabled on ShoutWiki, interlanguage links can be used to link between the same page in different languages. For instance, the page on "Baseball" in the many different versions of Baseball wikis can be connected this way.

The special page Special:Interwiki shows a list of all interwiki links and all interlanguage links; the list of interlanguage links is on the bottom of the page. While everyone may view existing interwiki and interlanguage links via this special page, only ShoutWiki staff may add, modify or delete those entries.


The basic syntax is [[language code:page title]]. The language code is usually a two-letter code that may or may not be in the wiki's URL; the language code for English is en, for Finnish it's fi, for Polish it's pl and so on.

Unlike interwiki links, which appear inline, these appear in an "other languages" section whose placement is dependent on the skin. In Monaco, the language links appear in a dropdown below the main toolboxes on the left.

What languages are available depends on the project configuration. For example, on ShoutWiki Hub, interlanguage links link to different versions of ShoutWiki Hub. For example, linking to French or Finnish versions wouldn't be a problem because both French and Finnish versions of ShoutWiki Hub exist, but since a Swedish version doesn't, you cannot link to it on ShoutWiki Hub until such a site is created and added into the wiki's configuration.

To use interlanguage links inline, put a colon before the language code, for example, [[:zh:首頁]].

Note that interlanguage links are not enabled by default on all multilingual ShoutWikis. If you need interlanguage links on your wiki, contact a member of the Customer Support Team. When requesting these links be setup, please provide the URLs of the wikis, not the name — doing this helps our Customer Support Team to make sure they are working on the correct wiki.

Once the links are setup, pages may need to be resaved before the interlanguage links will begin working.

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