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ShoutWiki's IRC channel is #ShoutWiki on You can access it via a dedicated IRC client or by going into ShoutWiki's staff members are often on the channel, so it is one of the best ways of getting help.

Accessing the channel

There are several ways to connect to our ShoutWiki IRC. This list doesn't list every way, but it lists a few common ways you can try out.

IRC client

Not all IRC clients are equal. While some older ones, such as mIRC, might be popular, they might not be a sensible choice in today's IRC world. You'll most likely want a client that supports UTF-8 encoding. Good modern IRC clients include, but are not limited to the following:

  • HexChat — an actively maintained fork of XChat; free for all operating systems.
  • Ambassador — stand-alone fork of ChatZilla, an extension to the popular Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • IRCCloud — browser-based IRC service. Paid version allows constant connection to IRC.


Please remember that IRC does not allow spaces in nicknames, but you'll need to use underscores instead. For example, Jack Phoenix would not be allowed as an IRC nick, but Jack or Jack_Phoenix would be.

Registering your nick

Registering your IRC nickname on the server is very easy and fast! It provides many advantages, such as preventing others from using your nickname when you aren't connected to the IRC server. To register your nickname, type

/msg NickServ register <your IRC nickname password here> <your email address>.

Make sure that there are absolutely no trailing spaces before the slash. It would be the safest to type this command in your client's status window to prevent it from accidentally being sent into the current IRC channel.

After registering your nick, you can type

/msg NickServ set enforce on

to prevent others from using your nickname when you aren't connected to the IRC server.