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You can add Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to your wiki using the WikiHiero extension.


Each hieroglyph has its own code, put between <hiero> tags.

Between these tags, a letter [A-Z + Aa], represents hieroglyph categories and is followed by a number. This is an extension of Gardiner's sign list.

For example <hiero>A11</hiero> will give <hiero>A11</hiero>

Hieroglyph sentences can be made, using the following layout codes:

  • - separator
  • : subdivision
  • * juxtaposition
  • ! end of line

For example, <hiero>A1-B1-!-C1-D1</hiero> Will produce A1 and B1 on one line and C1 and D1 on another.


An in depth guide to using this syntax can be found here.