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Global user pages are pages in the User: namespace, which are displayed if the user whose user page you're viewing hasn't created a local user page and if they've opted in to this feature.

Creating and using a global user page

  1. Go to your user page (Special:MyPage) on ShoutWiki Hub
  2. Create the page if it doesn't exist, or in the case if it exists, edit it and save your changes
  3. Congratulations, that's it! Your global user page is now active! To see it in action, visit your user page on a wiki where you don't have a user page and you'll see that it displays the content from your ShoutWiki Hub user page instead of the standard "This page does not exist" notice.

Things to check for

For links to work "correctly", i.e. to point to the page where you want to, you should avoid the use of internal links when linking to content pages.

If you'd want to create a link to ShoutWiki's terms of use, we recommend that you use the external link syntax, like this:

[ ShoutWiki's terms of use]

If you were to link to the page with the internal link syntax ([[Terms of use|ShoutWiki's terms of use]]), it wouldn't work as intended because not all wikis have a page called "Terms of use", and the link would point to the current wiki's "Terms of use" page!

However, most special pages are guaranteed to exist across wikis, so linking to them with the internal link syntax is fine:

[[Special:ListUsers/sysop|View the list of this wiki's administrators]]