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This is a ShoutWiki help page, hosted at ShoutWiki Hub. If you want to suggest changes, leave a message on its talk page. If you want to replace this page with a custom help page for your wiki, click the create button above.

Creating a new wiki on ShoutWiki is easy and takes only a couple minutes! We offer many unique features in addition to the standard features provided by MediaWiki software.

The wiki creation process has four steps in total.


Your browser must support the following techniques for you to be able to use ShoutWiki's wiki creation wizard:

You must also have done the following before being allowed to create a wiki:

  • Have a registered account.
  • Have an email address specified in your preferences.
  • Have confirmed the email address.

Detailed explanations of each step

Step 1

In the first step, you will need to provide the very basic info about your wiki:

  • its subdomain — ie. where somecoolwiki is the subdomain
  • site name — shown in various places all over your wiki; should be relatively short and easy to remember
  • main content language
  • wiki type — is your wiki going to be publically viewable or not? See wiki types for more info.
  • category for your wiki — pick one of the available options. If you wiki doesn't fit into any of the specific categories, pick "Other".
  • description — describe your wiki a bit here

Step 2

In the second step you are able to choose the look of the wiki: its skin and theme.

Step 3

In the third step you can choose the license of your wiki and whether you want some "starter" content from ShoutWiki's starter wiki or not. If you decide to import content from starter wiki, your wiki will be populated by a couple starter pages and useful templates.

Step 4

Fourth step is the final step where you will need to confirm that the data you've entered is correct and if so, press the "Create my wiki!" button to create your wiki. If some details are incorrect and you need to abort the wiki creation process, press "Cancel". This unfortunately means that you will need to restart the entire process - we apologize for the inconvenience!

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