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Most bug reports are done on ShoutWiki's Phabricator ( You can also sign in using your GitHub account.

After signing into your Phabricator account, click on the Maniphest link in the side bar and then the create task" link. Fill in the form to the best of your ability - the more information the better! - and then click the "create new task" button to submit the bug report.

Details to include on your bug report

Please include at least the following details in your bug report, incomplete bug reports are no use to anyone:

  • URL where you encountered the problem (example:
  • Skin that you were using at the time (example: Monobook)
  • Your operating system and browser and their versions (example: Microsoft Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 8 beta)
  • What you were doing at the time to encounter the bug/issue (example: I was browsing Help:Contents trying to find a help page about [...] when I came across the bug.)
  • Error message, if any (example: Database error: can't connect to the database server)

If you do not know your operating system, web browser or skin, you can find them out by visiting Special:MyInfo.

Security issues and major bugs

If you have found a security issue or another major bug in ShoutWiki's system which you would not want to disclose publicly, you can use the contact form to contact the staff or email the staff at troppusmoc.ikiwtuohs.