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When your talk page is too long and it's hard to load and edit it, you should archive it.

How to archive my talk page?

  1. Move your talk page, eg. user talk:Jack Phoenix, into other title, which say that is an archive (eg. user talk:Jack Phoenix/Archive 1).
  2. Replace redirect from your talk page with link to the archive.
  3. Link the archive to your talk page and recreate your talk page, adding in any header you had.

Common mistake

Lots of people use other method of archiving. They simply copy a text from page, paste it into an archive, and remove content from talk page. That's a mistake – using that method you lose history of archive, so it's harder to confirm an authorship of concrete part of text.

Can I use this method to any other type of pages?

Of course! You can archive all discussions, votings, forums, etc. using this method.

Other reasons

Other common reasons to archive comments:

  • The wiki has a rule about not removing talk page comments and you want to remove something from a talk page.
  • It is an old discussion that is finished and no longer needed.
  • A passed or failed featured article, admin request etc.